from contemporaries
i'm not sure if it was the challenge of copying all this text, the lovely script title, or the many circles that attracted me to this is a copy from Atelier Brenda; a poster for arts centre Beursschouwburg; posted 22 March 2017
i am always drawn to just big black and white typographic forms. i looked up Urlo after copying the piece -- i though it was a fashion brand, but really it is a wine company. this is from Axel Peemöller; part of his Urlo identity campaign; posted 20 December 2016
i made this in colored pencil to match the texture in the shapes and reflect the softness of the palette. this is from Build; part of an identity for Plaey, a new furniture and homeware workshop; posted 7 December 2016
this is a copy of an illustration by Tyler MacMillan; posted 30 January 2017. i really love that wonky chunky title font that i made even wonkier in my attempt at copying.
this is a copy from Node Berlin Oslo; a poster for Haus der Kulturen der Welt; posted 27 February 2017. the extra dots in the letters remind me of Karel Martens erector set typographic prints. David mentioned it too when he saw me copying this. so i made some of my own copies of Karel's work -- see these in the 'canon' section.
there is something about the disconnected images of people's design work that reminds me of roman fragments -- the free-floating bits and pieces of sculpture, mosaic, and architecture found all over the city that are ripe for supposition, interpretation, and inspiration. (all the -tions)
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