from the canon
i love Crouwel's formal, abstract, often heavy handed approach. for example in this 1957 poster for an exhibition of Leger, rather than mimic the style of Leger's work, Crouwel designed the type to reference the heavy lines around images in Leger's work. there should be some tiny white type in the yellow box that i couldn't possibly paint.
copy of a cover for a brochure (?) for the stedelijk museum amsterdam. i stupidly copied this from an image i found on-line but now i can't track down the date it was made. damn google image search. i did track down the image on the database, but still can't find a date. also note the paint drips -- i was making this at the kitchen table with a bunch of kids happily painting on the floor around me. i was so pleased that everyone was being quiet and creative i didn't really think about all the times they plopped stuff up on the table for me to see -- until it plopped onto this drawing. oh well. see the text 'the quirkiness quotient'...
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