from the canon
copy of a poster, 1960
copy of a poster, 1958
copy of a poster, 1955. i added this one because in one blog i found while researching Müller-Brockmann, this was mentioned as his "most recognized, and most ripped off, piece of work." of course i then just had to copy it. it seems that one reason the poster is so popular on-line is because a design student of Michael Bierut's, Jessica Svendsen, remade the poster every day for 100 days exploring new expressions of the form. the project appears to have garnered a lot of attention and little traces of her project are sprinkled all over the internet. if you go to the pinterest section of this site, you can see a copy of one of Jessica's versions.
i also made these digital copies of Müller-Brockmann's posters for Musica Viva from 1959 (top) and 1968 (above) as part of my copying from memory project. though for these two, i was not copying from memory but actually looking at the images and recreating them in illustrator.
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