11:08:50 am. this is a still from my current screen saver that David made with Karel based on Karel's clock.
copy of Number 5, 2008. originally commissioned by Dexter Sinister for a pamphlet with a text by David Senior on the five laws of of library science and printed as a sketch version. later it was printed in color in dot, dot, dot #18. i made this copy because there was something about the dots in the letters of another piece i copied -- a contemporary poster that i found on a design blog -- that made me think of karel and his erector set (mecanno) letterforms.
copy of Oase Journal #71, 2006. i copied this because i really liked the dimensional letters (though if you look closely at the original, you see a serrated edge as the flat letters were copied and layered to make the dimensional look -- something too fine for my paint brush to copy). i have this posted on the wall near the SM catalogue with the dimensional letters that is attributed to Wim Crouwel. not that i am out on a copying witch hunt here! but i do like seeing the through lines that are becoming evident as i post things on my studio wall. also note that i mixed a bit of fluorescent pink in with the red paint -- a combination that looks really great in real life but my scanner doesn't like.
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